Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lovers

Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lovers Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lovers

Employment FAQ's


How many hours are there available for work?

It varies, some months are busier than others and there are several types of visits available anywhere from daily to the occasional vacationers.​​

How much will I make per week?

You can make anywhere from $20 - $200 per week and you are paid by the visit, not on an hourly basis.

I already have a job, can I do this on the side?

Sure! We can work around your schedule if you are able to work morning, evening and weekend shifts.

Can I bring anyone with me on visits?

No. You are the only one who can go into a client’s house due to insurance limitations. No one else (adults, children or other pets) other than you is covered and therefore may not go into the clients home or on their property.

Do I have to have a smartphone?

Yes. This is part of our accountability system and you are required to log into a software system, write journals and submit photos for the client for every visit.

How far will I drive for my visits?

We try to schedule your visits within a 10 mile radius of where you live so that you are not driving great distances every visit.

What if I need to call out sick or have an emergency?

While the occasional real emergency is understandable and can be accommodated, calling in sick is not acceptable. We have pets who depend on us to be there sick or not and there are too many scheduled clients to rearrange another sitters schedule. Anyone who does not call or does not show up to a visit will be immediately terminated.

​If you think you'd be a great fit, we'd love to have you!

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